dash: a word used extensively by pointed pen masters of ornamental penmanship in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to mean energetic, spirited, spontaneity, liveliness, and snap. Root word of dashing: meaning elegant, chic, dazzling, or stylish in appearance and manner.

-erie: designating an employment or art; a community; an action; a state or condition

Dasherie is a one-of-a-kind magazine featuring carefully curated modern and classic calligraphy, lettering, and design. Dasherie showcases exquisite, stylish, and contemporary designs for a wide range of social events, home decoration, lifestyle, and marketing products. For those planning a chic, celebrity-style wedding, or Do-It-Yourself party planners looking to create unique and personal details, or designers looking for creative inspiration, Dasherie features the best of the best in the lettering & design world.

Dasherie was started to fill a void in the design and style magazine market. Ever been disappointed when reading a bridal magazine because there was minimal, if any, calligraphy featured? Does your heart go pitter patter when you spy a piece of lettering in a random magazine? Ever seen a feature of beautiful calligraphy in a magazine but there is no source listed?  Calligraphy is more popular than ever and those who love it simply cannot get enough. Both a showcase and resource, Dasherie hopes to fill the void by featuring contemporary artists, current design, and offer tips and how-to’s to aspiring artists and Do-It-Yourself-ers. Also for those both looking for calligraphy products or looking to hire a calligrapher for a special event, Dasherie is the go-to magazine.

Dasherie will be published bi-annually in summer and late fall/early winter 2014 with the goal of quarterly for 2015. It will be available as a printed magazine deliverable by mail.

Dasherie Magazine was founded by lettering & design artist, Erica McPhee. Erica has been studying calligraphy since the age of 10 and has been a professional calligrapher at Paperwhite Studio for over 13 years. She is also the founder of The Flourish Forum, the international, online calligraphy community.

Dasherie: For hearts that love letters.