05 Jul

What is Dasherie Magazine? Wedding Calligraphy Sneak Peak

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I’ve had a lot of questions about what Dasherie is all about so I thought I would share more details.

Dasherie Magazine, a new print magazine, is the only magazine dedicated solely to the art of calligraphy and hand lettering. Our debut issue features over 25 artists and over 100 images of beautiful calligraphy. Dasherie provides inspiration for artists and a fabulous reference for brides and other event planners looking for fine hand lettering ideas and products to make all the details extra special. So it is both a showcase and a way to connect those looking for calligraphy with those who do calligraphy!

Dasherie is unlike any other calligraphy journal or magazine. It is a “style” magazine along the lines of other bridal or niche magazines like sewing, scrapbooking, or the arts. It is a perfect bound, 100 page, 4-color, print magazine filled with high quality images of the finest calligraphy offered around the globe. We also feature full length articles with Artist features, DIY how-to’s, and more. I’m sharing a sneak peak below of one of our spreads in the first issue featuring the beautiful wedding calligraphy of Joy Fairclough, of Studio French Blue.

So if you love calligraphy, are looking for a wedding calligrapher, or you are an artist and want to be inspired — order your copy of Dasherie today!

Dasherie Magazine | Order Now!

2 thoughts on “What is Dasherie Magazine? Wedding Calligraphy Sneak Peak

  1. Hi Erica, lov’in the sneek peek, is this going to be a quarterly magazine, just trying to work out my costings, as the postage to Australia is more than what l thought, but if it was quarterly , it works out very reasonable, its so wonderful that you are bringing out this magazine, l have only been doing calligraphy for 18 months, and there seems to be every other magazine around , but none on calligraphy and the wonderful artists that produce this amazing art, which is nice to hear their stories of how they started and their influences , So well done to you and good luck, l hope it all goes well……….Kate

    • Hi Kate, Thanks for your comment! For now (and most likely next year) Dasherie will be semi-annual, meaning two times per year. Shipping to Australia is the most expensive of any country, oddly enough. Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy the magazine!

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