16 Mar

Introducing Dasherie Magazine!

Dasherie Magazine

I am so excited to announce the pending Premiere Issue of Dasherie Magazine.  I have long considered publishing a newsletter and/or magazine and this venture has been over 20 years in the making. While calligraphy has been a lifelong pursuit, my college education was focused on Communication (media & interpersonal) and English with a dual concentration in literature and writing. I intended to become a reporter but decided early in my career, after a terror-inducing interview process with the local Fox network, the news media world was not for me.

In the early 1990’s, I was smitten with a small handmade newsletter called, “Cook and Tell” which was written and hand illustrated by a lovely woman named Karyl Bannister. We shared a love of good recipes, quirky writing, hand lettering, and Southport Island, Maine where she lived and I spent my summers. I dreamed of creating a similar hand done newsletter featuring calligraphy for scrapbookers, photographers, and others who might be interested in hand lettering. This was before I had ever met another calligrapher so little did I know there were so many more like me, who loved fine hand lettering!

As time went on, I got married, had a baby, then another, then another. The newsletter idea always stayed with me but I never had the opportunity to make it happen. While I enjoyed the years I spent working in human resources, I used to daydream about starting a magazine.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and over the years have put my education to good use writing many articles for the homeopathic medical and autism communities. Additionally, I’ve had a camera in my hand almost as long as I have been practicing calligraphy. My love for calligraphy, photography, and writing seemed the perfect combination for a magazine.

After launching Paperwhite Studio in 2001 and having the opportunity to expand my calligraphy and lettering skills, I feel the time has come to share everything I have learned over the years with others. Launching the Flourish Forum was the first step in sharing my love of lettering. And finally, I am making my dreams come true by creating Dasherie Magazine.

Dasherie Magazine - For hearts that love letters!Dasherie will feature the best of the best in the calligraphy and lettering world. As a lettering & design artist, I am constantly awed by the contemporary calligraphers designing with both classic and modern calligraphy. Both a resource and showcase, Dasherie seeks to feature the beautiful hand-lettering of today’s most sought after lettering artists and share insight into what inspires them, how they got their start, tips for learners, and more. In addition to inspiration for calligraphers, Dasherie will also be the premier resource for those looking for wedding and party invitations, birth announcements, and home decor featuring calligraphy and hand lettering.

The first issue of Dasherie will be published Summer 2014 and will be available as both a PDF and printed magazine sent via mail. Sign up for our blog notifications so we can keep you updated on our publishing schedule and featured content.

I hope you will join me in discovering all the wonderful things happening in the calligraphy, lettering, and design world. After all, Dasherie is for you … for hearts that love letters.


Erica McPhee

14 thoughts on “Introducing Dasherie Magazine!

  1. Congratulations Erica! You are unstoppable 🙂 Your good heart and amazing talent is a blessing to many people. I hope I can submit a project that is worthy to be featured in Dasherie *teehee*

  2. Bravo Erica! Brilliant idea whose time has come! Looking forward to the first issue and wish you great success

  3. I have so enjoyed following your beautiful work on Instagram, Erica, and cannot believe that this is the first time I have come to this sight or registered on The Flourish Forum. I commend you in your endeavors and am so impressed with all you manage to accomplish as well as share. So interesting also to read about your homeopathic studies as I raised eight children and took a pretty holistic approach to health and healing. I would love to submit some things to your first issue, but at this late time, I may not get those photos in. Fortunately, I am confident that there will be other opportunities and I am subscribing if I can figure out where to do that (admittedly, I am somewhat tech challenged!). All the best…may you receive much encouragement in this exciting journey!!!

    • Thank you Victoria! I so appreciate your kind words. Wow – eight children – now that is impressive. 🙂 I will be posting how to subscribe very shortly. I’m just waiting to hear back from the printer for some last minute details. Thanks so much for your support and I look forward to seeing your submissions for future issues! 🙂

  4. Just knowing I will be able to subscribe to your outstanding magazine is exciting. Congratulations on taking the plunge — especially with things I love: camera, writing and calligraphy — add teaching. Let me know how/when to subscribe. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks so much Theresa! The first issue is now available for purchase on the shop page: https://dasheriemag.com/shop. The first two years will be by issue only. Hopefully, we will go to quarterly in 2016 at which point we will offer subscriptions. The next issue, The Black & White issue will be available for pre-order around mid-October and will ship early November. Thanks again for your wonderful comment! 🙂

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