13 Aug

Dasherie Shipping Status & Our Next Issue

DASHERIE | the Black & White issue

Shipping Status

A shipping status update to know when to expect your copy of Dasherie is below. The folks who pre-ordered Dasherie in other countries have already started to receive their copies! But hey wait – why are they receiving it across the pond and we haven’t started receiving it here in the US yet?! Read on…

For all pre-orders made up to and including July 30, 2014:

Countries outside the US were shipped first class international mail on Monday, 8/4/14. We have received several reports from readers in Great Britain that they received their magazine yesterday (8/12/14).

Domestic (US) readers were shipped standard post flat rate which takes approximately 2-8 business days. I had hoped that would mean Dasherie would begin arriving in states close to Florida before the end of last week but unfortunately, we are still anxiously awaiting. The rest is up to the US Post Office.

For those who ordered after 7/30/14, please allow 4-6 weeks from date of purchase for arrival both domestic and international.

Now that we have gone through the entire publishing, printing, shipping process, the next issue should run much smoother with very clear timelines.

There has been a little change in the timing and frequency for the next issues. Dasherie will be semiannual for this year and next and will hopefully go to quarterly for 2016. Our next issue, Winter 2014, is slated for an early November completion.

Issue 2 – The Black and White Issue

Dasherie Issue 2 | The Black & White IssueSpeaking of the next issue – work has already begun on Issue 2 – The Black and White Issue. This issue will feature:

  • work done in black & white,
  • white on black,
  • white on color,
  • and chalkboard calligraphy.

Super excited about the possibilities and looking forward to seeing all the beautiful submissions!

So, please submit your work now to be considered for publication in our next issue!

Issue 02 {Winter 2014}: The Black & White Issue | Submission Deadline: 09/15/14


4 thoughts on “Dasherie Shipping Status & Our Next Issue

  1. Hi Erica, just wanted to tell you my dasherie arrived today , all the way to oz, it is so beautiful, well done on such a wonderful mag and l really hope this much needed lettering magazine continues to grow and be everything you hope it to be, the only think l have to say is the grey writing is very hard to read, now lm a bit older , other than that LOVE LOVE LOVE IT………….

    • Thanks so much Kate! I will be making a post about the grey text in a little bit. I appreciate your feedback and promise the next issue will have black text! 🙂

  2. Erica,

    dasherie magazine is absolutely beautiful and a delight to see such beautiful calligraphy. I will definitely use the many tips on writing and the postal requirements. The grey type was difficult for me to read so I used a magnifying glass with good lighting to read every page. I’m looking forward to your next issue.


    • Thanks so much Lolly! I appreciate your feedback! I will be making a post regarding the grey text in just a bit. I apologize it was difficult to read. The next issue will be pure black and white! 🙂

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