25 Aug

Submit Now for the Black & White issue! And Shipping Details…

Dasherie Magazine - the Black & White issue - accepting submissions now!

While Summer 2014 issues are still available, things are really picking up here at Dasherie! We are now accepting submissions for our Winter 2014 issue themed, “The Black & White Issue.” This will include all black and white design, white ink on colored paper or background, and chalkboard calligraphy/lettering.

Dasherie Magazine - the Black & White issue - accepting submissions now!

 We look forward to reviewing your work!

A Note About Shipping

There have been some questions about why shipping takes so long. Large scale magazines are shipped via a distributor. Once you have a subscription, they come on a regular basis at about the same time. However, the initial issue typically takes 4-6 weeks to go through the process and arrive in your mailbox.

Dasherie is an independent magazine and not currently available in stores. Our storage and fulfillment is done by our printing company. It is a very laborious process to cue the addresses, retrieve the magazine from storage, prepare it for shipment, and then ship. It is not possible for this to be done on a daily basis. It is ideal to be done in large batches. Since we are a new publication, our orders are streaming in on a daily basis, not all at once.

This means some orders will take a bit longer as they wait for the batch to be ready for shipment. Once shipped, all international orders go first class mail. Domestic orders, must meet a criteria to be shipped standard flat rate. If this criteria is met, it will take approximately 8 – 10 business days from shipping date (not order date) to arrive.

So as not to disappoint any of our readers, Dasherie upped the shipping for domestic on the most recent batch to first class mail. This means all orders placed prior to August 18th will arrive to your home faster (shipped Wed, Aug 20th). As more orders come in, we will do our best to get Dasherie in your hands as quickly as possible. But please allow 4-6 weeks from time of order for it to be delivered. Hopefully, it will be quicker than this but that cannot be guaranteed. We hope you will find it well worth the wait! 🙂

In the future, pre-ordering is the best way to ensure you will be in the first group to receive your copy. Hopefully, with our success, we will offer subscriptions so Dasherie can arrive in a routine, timely fashion.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and thank you for your fabulous support! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Submit Now for the Black & White issue! And Shipping Details…

  1. Dear Erica,
    Received my 1st issue of Dasherie Magazine. Wanted to tell how much I loved it and read it from cover to cover. With a granddaughter’s wedding approaching, it was inspiring. It is an outstanding magazine and I’m looking forward to more, however, if you will permit me to make one comment and that was the print which I found to be too light for my eyes, but then maybe that’s just because I don’t have young eyes anymore. I found it a little difficult to read. The magazine is outstanding and I hope you won’t be offended, but I felt it necessary to make a comment. Fondly, Jean

    • Hi Jean,
      Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback regarding Dasherie! I’m glad you enjoyed the magazine. I completely understand about the gray text. I talked about it in this blog post here: https://dasheriemag.com/buzz-dasherie/. I assure you the next issue will have black text and will be easier to read. Thank you for taking the time to let me know! Truly, Erica

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