15 Feb

Summer is coming…at Dasherie Magazine!

I promise all my northern friends who are getting piled up with snow… this too shall pass! It’s been a very relaxing winter at the Dasherie studio. I’ve been enjoying working on my Spencerian script and learning all kinds of new calligraphy and lettering techniques.

But summer is right around the corner and I have already begun working on the next issue of Dasherie. This issue is themed the “watercolor & pastel” issue and will feature watercolor and pastel colored calligraphy and lettering. I CANNOT WAIT! I have a huge thing for pastel colored art work and if it’s soft, muted, or beiged letters – I dig it!

Please note, work does not have to be done solely using watercolors or pastels. It can include colored pencils, light colored inks – any medium as long as the end result fits the theme.

So don’t delay – submit your work now! The deadline for submission is March 15, 2015.

Dasherie call for submissions!

10 thoughts on “Summer is coming…at Dasherie Magazine!

    • Thanks Sherrill! I appreciate your feedback! I’m very happy you loved the Black & White Issue. The watercolor/pastel issue is going to be gorgeous! Truly,

  1. HI Erica, just a quick question on submission, l was wondering if you need the original piece of work, as l live in Australia, do we have to send it to you by mail or do you just require it in a email ? also thankyou for bringing this wonderful magazine to the world of us letter artist and people who do calligraphy , you do the most amazing job, and l cant wait to receive my issue, l wait with baited breath as it gets close to arrival……cheers kate

    • Hi Kate, Typically the original artwork does not need to be sent. That is only stated in the case the photographs submitted aren’t “magazine quality.” In which case, if the calligraphy work is something we want to feature, and the person submitting it can’t photograph it, we would request the originals in order to photograph it ourselves. The majority of submissions are just fine going through the submit site. Thanks so much Kate for your very kind words!

    • Hi Trish! Not yet. I’m busy compiling, editing, and designing. I usually wait until we are almost at pre-press to open the pre-order because then it is about 3 – 4 weeks before ship date. I don’t want people to have to wait too long. Thank you for asking! If you have signed up for the blog news, I will announce when pre-orders open. Thanks! <3

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